The RSR engine development team is ready to design, built and service all type of engines and engine systems.
  Our engine shop offers a full suite of services including


Utilizing advanced CAD software, we can create bespoke parts from a blank sheet, or modify existing components to suit other applications.

High performance engines require high performance designs.  Our team has three decades of experience in producing superior components to tight tolerances under strict deadlines.

Before a click is made on the screen, we review the application and customer requirements to assure that our parts, are light, fit right, and are cost efficient to produce and service.


In addition to our full service CNC shop, the RSR engine department maintains an array of top flight machine tools for engine manufacturing operations. 

RSR has a full range of Sunnen machine tools to service any type of engine or machining need.  Our tools include:
Sunnen CV-616 Vertical Engine Hone:  Our hot honing capability allows block honing at engine operating temperatures to assure exact fit and clearance of the piston assembly.

Sunnen VGS-20 Guide and Seat Machine:  A full service cylinder head machine, the VGS-20 can remove damaged guides and seats and prepare the cylinder head for new parts as well as finish cutting of seats.  Hemi heads and canted valves are no problem.

Sunnen HBS-2100 Surfacer: A Large work envelope and a 14" milling head with carbide inserts makes cutting cylinder head and block deck faces a snap.  This machine is designed for one purpose: cutting iron, steel, aluminum, and iron lined blocks to an exceptional surface finish every time. 

Sunnen LBB-1699 Rod Hone:  Combined with our cap and rod grinding station, reconditioning and preparation of connecting rods to exacting tolerance is no problem.  Not limited to rods, this machine can finish any circular hole in parts such as suspension rockers, control arms, and driveline components

Cincinnati Sub-Zero ZH-8:  If it has to be hot or cold, the ZH-8 is ready for duty.  Capable of heating to 300 deg. F and cooling to -80 deg. F, this ZH-8 is used in testing and installation applications.


Our 2500 square foot engine assembly room is temperature controlled and ultra clean to perform exacting builds for all engine types.  With experienced technicians and attention to detail we produce some of the finest race engines on the planet

We believe that no matter how sophisticated engines may become, every bit of quality and reliability starts with a detailed engine build.  We are 100% committed to building engines the right way the first time.



Once the design, manufacturing an construction of an engine is complete, there is only one thing left to do.  Test it.  At RSR we have a full suite of tools for engine evaluation and tuning.

Primary among these tools is our DTS Dynamometer.  This water-brake dyno is capable of absorbing 1500 horsepower.  Housed in a specialized room with ventilation engineered for testing high performance engines, we strive for accuracy and repeatability in all of our testing.



Despite advances in electronic fuel delivery systems, we appreciate that there is still a place in the world for a carburetor.  We offer a full carburetor rebuild and tuning service.  A full carburetor rebuild includes disassembly, cleaning, inspection, component replacement and testing.

Despite our old school love for carburetors, we also specialize in all aspects of electronic fuel injection including gasoline direct injection.  We support a full range of injector tuning and testing capabilities with our fuel injector dyno.  By matching and calibrating injectors you can be sure that the fuel is getting to all the right places.